Please make sure to read the following list of rules and regulations.
Entry rules:
* All entries must be completed on Regatta Central
*Deadline for entries is April 4.
* Athletes are allowed to enter one event only.
* Teams are permitted to enter “B” crews.
* Any athlete who is a postgraduate or in his 5th year of high school will not be allowed
to participate.
* Juniors, including coxswains, must not have attained the age of 18 years prior to September 1st of that
academic year.
* Any student who reaches 17 years old prior to September 1st of the 2007-2008 school year will not be allowed enter in junior events.
* All entries close on April 4, 2008.
* No refunds.
* All entries must be accompanied by proper entry fee.
* If you are mailing your entry fees by express mail please check no signature required box.
Regatta rules:
*All events with more than 6 entries will qualify by a headrace.
* Petite finals for all varsity heavyweight events.
*All Races will be 1500 meters.
Weight classes will be as follows:
* Lt. Boy’s 155 lb. (no averaging)
* Lt. Girl’s 130 lb. (no averaging)
* $50.00 cash shall accompany all protests. .
* Weigh-ins will take place at the finish line starting at 6:30 AM.
* Coaches & coxswains meeting will take place at 7:00 AM at the finish line.
* Starting commands will be “READY? GO!”
* There will be a 20-second equipment breakage rule.
* Each school will be assigned a bow number to be used throughout the regatta.
* There must be three crews entered or the event will be canceled.
* All athletes and coaches are reminded that sportsmanlike conduct is expected from all parties involved.
* Security will be provided on Friday evening after 6:00 PM.
* Plaques and medals to all winners.
* All teams awarded a trophy are held responsible for its upkeep while in your possession. If the trophy is lost or damaged you will be held responsible for it’s replacement.